Europeanschoolnet_25_28 March_18

  • Località: Brussel - Belgium

    Periodo: 25 marzo (partenza) - 28 marzo 2018 (rientro)



    CORSO: Future Classroom Scenarios

    The Future Classroom Scenarios workshop gives participants an opportunity to explore innovative approaches and technologies to enhance classroom delivery, and work with other teachers from across Europe to develop new ideas for everyone's own classroom and school. The course is designed to give a hands-on approach to help participants develop their own ideas about 21st Century Learning and the effective use of technology. The participants will also discover the renewed Future Classroom Toolkit, a useful resources for schools and educators to develop their teaching.

    Programma dettagliato

    Includo l'immagine del programma che ci è stato consegnato all'inizio del workshop.

    Programma Future Classroom Scenarios

    Docenti partecipanti

    Daisy de Gioannini

    Leslie Cameron-Curry