Fashion in Poland

  • 19th century fashion

     They match creamy or yellow gloves and paid attention to skill of link cravat. 

    * They were  wearing tight pants stretch with brace.

    * They were wearing dark shade colour tailcoat for every day and for special days. One of coloured elements was a vest.

    * Curly hair over full head  were connected with  whiskers. Obliged top hats commonly made of black  silk

    * Hight collar hidden shoulders .

    * Heigh of dress backed to waist.

    * Big hats were are very popular. Hair were clipped highly and curls were leave over two sides of face.

    * Pantaloons were another element of an ugly dress.

    * Shorter length of dress and flat shoes made figure not so handsome. 


    Banik Agnieszka