Martin Krpan Saves Vienna

  • The story of Martin Krpan


    Martin Krpan was a simple, courageous but honest countryman from the village of "VRH'' by the Holy Trinity", who made his living by smuggling English salt. He was a huge, strong man who rode a tiny little mare.

    One day, Krpan accidentally met the imperial carriage and let it pass by simply lifting up his horse with his bare hands and moving her aside. The Emperor was very impressed by Martin Krpan’s strength. A year later, the Emperor called Krpan to the royal court, because Vienna was being attacked by Brdavs, a brutal warrior who murdered everyone who came his way.

    Krpan was the only person who could defeat Brdavs. And that's just what he did. In a duel he killed him  by cutting off his head.

    The Emperor thanked him by giving him a special permit to legally traffic  English salt, as well as a pouch of gold coins.

    Krpan is a symbol of Slovenian nationalism.