- Dutch Society

  • People in 1066,

    Some 300.000 people in the Netherlands in 1066. The people were under authority of the German emporer. The rulers in the Netherlands were foreign vassels. There was some industry and there were some important cities, De Graafschap had the most inhabitans. The count, Graaf Boudewijn made from a little area a big area. Dealers in Brugge traded in cloth. Spinning, weaving and colouring were specialized jobs. The growt of the cities went on till about 1200AC.

    There was a poor family. They had a small house, no shoes and there were only sandy roads to walk on.  Their child died yesterday,they have only 7 left. But they don’t have enough money for all the children. They have to work 6 days a week and in 1 hour they only earn 4 eurocent.  They are working on the land of the owner for 6 days. When they worked too much they also got ill.  If they were ill they still had to work. The poor family had not that much money. There was a kind of slavery, the y belonged to the owner of the land and if the owner said you had to marry that girl you need to do it.

    People got ill because they drunk water out of the ditch.