The Amazing Bridge at Maddaloni

  • An amazing bridge in “Valley di Maddaloni”


    Inaugurated today in Valle di Maddaloni one of the most beautiful works of the area. Today, 7th May 1762, the Caroline aqueduct, renown as the “Bridges of the valley”, has been inaugurated.

    The aqueduct connects Mount Longano to Mount Garzano, but it has been built mainly to transport water from the Fizzo sources, in Bucciano, to the Royal Palace of Caserta and feed its fountains. The building works have required sixteen years of hectic activity and the support of the most esteemed mathematicians and academics of the kingdom of Naples, including the well-known architect Luigi Vanvitelli.

    A few years ago, in 1753, the architect Luigi Vanvitelli on commission of King Charles of Bourbon, called “Carolino”, designed the aqueduct. It consists of a tuff structure with three orders of arches resting on forty-four square-shaped pillars for a length of 529 m. and a height of 55.8 m., on the model of Roman aqueducts. Surely, for its majesty and its usefulness, over the years, it will certainly become one of the best know and important in Italy


    IIS “DE’ LIGUORI” Class 3 B  S.I.A.