Mode in Maribor


    Today's fashion  is a continuation of the mini skirts and bell-bottoms. The 'HIPPIE' look from the late 1960s is still in. It's tight at the top and loose at the bottom.  

    Hey, guys, those mini skirts, hot pants and high boots are everywhere...Women wear them for every occasion.

                                                         And those ''Go-go boots'' are so cool!

    Accessories for the more formal styles include high-heels (both low and high, mostly thick-heeled), turbans, and leather shoulder bags.









    Even though bear-footed ''Hippies'' are becoming ever more  popular in Slovenia.

    Shoes are the fashion of the time becoming rounder, chunkier, heavier, thicker and even more expensive.


                                                                                                                              by: Neja and Nika 9.B (Slovenia)