Trilateral Exchange C17

  • The Bridge Partnership was built upon helping our students develop a range of key competences. These include

    These key competences include 'traditional' skills such as communication in one's mother tongue, foreign languages, digital skills, literacy, and basic skills in maths and science, as well as horizontal skills such as learning to learn, social and civic responsibility, initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness, and creativity.


    The project activities were built upon  

    Improving students' research skills through text through developing skills in evaluating the integrity of texts (including digital sources)

    Using Drama  as a tool for Learing which aims to contextualise and apply skills in communication in both mother tongue  and in a foreign language. 

    Developing digital skills through the creation of a wide range of presentational tools. 


    The Trilateral exchange between Croatia, Norway and Slovenia was aimed at improving students love of reading and using this as a gateway to encouraging an improvement in  students' research skills through text through developing skills in evaluating the integrity of texts (including digital sources)


    Sunday Oct. 23rd  meet at  Fjell-ly

    Students and hosts meet for a meal – special for our Slovenian guests.

    18.30.   Presentation:  two and two meet and learn to know each other. Then they tell the others about their new friend (name, age, nationality, hobbies, family, and maybe favorite dish, music, football-team, …..)

    Host-families take them home at 20.00

    Monday Oct. 24th 08.15 meet at Tranevågen

    08.15     Students come to school and meet their teachers

    08.45     Welcome to Tranevågen

    A short programme in the cantina with all 10th team students and guest, and some local guests.

    09.45     Norwegian students take our guests around school

    10.15     Work-shop reading fairytales about trolls together with some Norwegian students.
                   Have a look at the exhibiton of trolls       Room: Platon                  

    11.45     Lunch guests and hosts

    12.15     Out in the forest, creating natural trolls with teacher Trine,  and 10d
    Guest-students must be aware of the clothing- good shoes / rubber-boots / rainwear (it can be cold, the hosts are told to help them to borrow outfit)

    14.30     Cinema at school: “Troll-hunting” movie  Room:  Platon

    16.00     Return to home


    Tuesday Oct 25th Tranevågen

    08.15     Work-shop Learing-strategies for factual texts “WISH”  Norwegian students teach our guests

                   Room:  Harpafjellet

    09.45-10.15        Light lunch in the cantina

    10.15-11.00        A lesson about Norway  - teacher Vibecke             Room:  Platon

    11.00-11.45        Language-learning with the host-students in their classes

    11.45     School is finished, guest students spend the rest of the day together with the hosts


    Wednesday Oct 26th

    08.15     Meet at school

    08.30     Bus leave for the trip to Øygarden.  We go to the islands north of Sotra, pass over several bridges and see the Atlantic.  We go to the Costal Museum at Øygarden.

    They show us the story of living close to the sea, history and present.  A rib-boat will take those who want to a salmon-farm. The farm is empty now, but we will get an experience of how it is. 

                   We bring our packed lunch from our homes and eat at the museum (teachers will get it from school)

    12.00     Leave for Bergen

    13.00     Bergen (Fish-)market, where people from Sotra came to sell their fish, crabs, potatoes, eggs, berries and whatever they could sell to get some money for living.  We walk along and into Bryggen (from the World Heritage List), in the Hanseatic part of Bergen. 

    14.30     The Hanseatic Museum
    One hour tour to learn about the trade and life at Bryggen

    If the weather is good, we can take a funicular to Mount Fløyen, where there is a beautiful view of the city and harbour.  Free time

    17.00     Return with public bus from Bergen to Straume, Ågotnes, Fjell-ly


    Thursday Oct. 27th

    08.15     Work-shop reading recepies to make a meal in the kitchen - teacher Anne-Beth

    11.30     Body-exercise / Gym  with Anne-Lisbet

    13.15     Work-shop reading

    14.20     Bus to Straume (take the bus together with the hosts)

    15.00     Visit Vil Vite, a center for natural science at the shopping-center Sartor

    17.00     Students go back by bus or private cars to their homes .
                   Teachers go back to Fjell-ly


    Friday Oct. 28th at Tranevågen 

    08.15     Work-shop reading
                   Short evaluation

    10.00     Join the host-class

    11.00     Lunch

    11.30     Slovenians must leave for the airport
    Croatian group make good luck-trolls for bringing back home

    14.15     Goodbye, Tranevågen


                                                                                                                                                                                         Author: Brynhild Enerhaug