Croatian Book Review

  • Literature of the 18th century in Croatia


    Enlightenment, classicism and rationalism

    Our new century is being called the century of useful enlightenment and rationalism, here in Croatia we have a new attitude toward literature, due to the liberation of a greater part of Dalmatia and Slavonia from the Turkish authorities, the encroachment of the Enlightenment and rationalist ideas that are circulating in Western Europe, and social reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II. in the northern part of the Croatian.

    The theatre is in the 18th century acted in various forms in almost all coastal cities of Dubrovnik, Hvar and Korčula to Zadar, Senj and Rijeka, northern Croatia from Zagreb and Varaždin to Požega and Osijek.


    The literary works of the 18th century


    1. Pavao Ritter Vitezović:

      - Croatian writer, historian, linguist and publisher

      - He is the holder of the noble title of Baron

      - He proposed that each voice has its own, always the same letter

              Ritter Chronicle


    The noble coat of arms of Baron Vitezović


    The literary works of the 18th century

    2. Antun Kanižlić

     - Jesuit, theologian and Croatian poet

     - He wrote religious books, prayer books and translated from German

     - He is the first northern Croatian writer who directly saw the Dubrovnik poets


                    Saint Rosalia




    The literary works of the 18th century

    3. Tituš Brezovački

    - He was a great comedian of his time, and his drama works  written in 


    - He wrote the play "The Holy Aleksij"


    4.  Matija Antun Relković

    - Croatian enlightenment prose

    - As a prisoner in Dresden, comparing Slavonia with Germany, he wrote a poem

       "Satyr or the Wild Man"


                 Satir or the Wild Man

    By Marija Piskač