Stop the Massacres


    End of the witch hunt

    Today, after 500 years, we can say “stop” to the witch hunt. The massacres in recent years have been many, women were persecuted because they were suspected of carrying out acts of witchcraft and magic or maintaining relationships with the dark forces from which they received the power to harm the man.

    Thousands of women have been tortured until they have confessed things they were not guilty of. Many of them were burned alive.

    They were accused of witchcraft and heresy against religious dogmas and judged without trial.

    If they "confessed", they were declared guilty of witchcraft; if they "did not confess" they were considered heretics and burned at the stake. There was no escape for anyone.

    Some were subjected to the horrible test of the stone around the neck: the alleged offender was thrown into the water, tied to a stone. The test had to prove the person’s innocence: if she drowned, that meant she was innocent, if she remained afloat that meant she was a witch and was killed. In any case, she died.

    Women were raped and tortured and their goods were confiscated.

    The whole family was dispossessed of all their goods; they even burned the bones of people who had died.

    Today, after so many crimes and so much suffering, the terrible “witch hunt” has finished!!!!!




    By Concetta Mauro

    3 B SIA