- Dreams Fall From the Sky

  • Dreams are falling from the sky.


    Sometimes things are not what they look like. One incident can change your life for ever. 


       Kapar is a young man, he lives in a village with his family. He looks after animals and sells farm goods. His mother, his sisters and his wife take care of their house. They cook, sew clothes and pick up herbs. Ordinary peasants live in the village. Everybody knows each other. In the evening they sit around the bon fire and they tell different stories like this one about Kapar’s dad. His name was Adam.

    He was tall and well built, with blue eyes, blond hair and a moustage. He was wearing a plain peasant coat and linen trousers. When he was a young boy, he was very poor and he had to work hard as a craftman. One day, everything changed. He lost his job. Adam quarreled with his family. He didn't want to worship Svetovid, a pogan god. Adam was very irritated and he jogged a woman -"Nothing can be worst!" -he said. Then that woman poured out a bucked of water on his head. " Śmigus- dyngus" (Wet Day) -she said in a pogan language as she wanted to keep his attention on her. I'm fed up with these pogan stupid people". Adam rushed to a forest and thought about his life. This day, the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining, it lighted up the forest. Birds were singing a love song. From behind an oak, a wolf with its children appeared and saw him -"Nothing keeps me here. I should leave"- he said. "I will help people and I will change the world. God gave me a sign, that I'm on a right way. And if I found our King's warior team and joined them and became a.... Suddenly, a net dropped down the tree with a man imprisonned inside. At the moment, he thought what to do. "What an idiot!" - he said. It's certainly a tramp or drunkard. -"Help me." - said a man. - "I'll repay you" and he lost consciousness. Adam decided to help the man. He took him home and called a medic for help. The medic came out to be the woman jogged by Adam in the morning. - "Great!" he thought. Her name was Marion. She helped the patient without enthusiasm. - "Where am I?" - the patient asked. When he realised what had happed, he could hardly believe it. - "What's a shame! I'm Boleslaw, the King of Poland. I'm a fighter. Nobody can discover that I was caught in a hunter net. If you want I can take you with me. You can become one of my knights, but you must leave your pogan habits and became a Christian. I'll give you some land and this nice medic woman will be your wife! – „Never ever!“ - screamed Marion. Why not?- said Adam- "It's the King's order!“ 

      One month later, they

    got married. Marion helps people, Adam is a faithful knight of the King Bolesław the Bold. His family is famous all over the Kingdom of Poland. 


    Maria Rajpold