Winter guide

  • WINTER GUIDE   - how to deal with a winter of the century

    1. It is required to afford dry, clean and warm clothes. It is advisable to wear several thin layers, especially protecting face.

     2. Never let your limbs be chilled, be in a constant motion to avoid frostbite!

     3. If there is no warm bedding or jacket, you can always rip it up and stuff it with either fluff or wool.

     4. Remember about warm food and drinks.

     5. Maintain appropriate temperature in rooms and heat them.

     6. Try to not to stay for too long when it is very cold outside.

      7.  Take care of appropriate tires, fuel and car electrical installation (battery).

     8. Clear roads, pavements, vehicles and roofs of excessive snow.

     10. Remember to not too overheat your body.

    Weronika Czepiel