Unfair Partition of Poland

  •  Enjoy your  Polish  piece of cake!

    Jean Michel Moreau Le Jeune was a Parisian painter and a draftsman who made a sketch called “The Troelfth Cake”. It presents the rulers of three countries that participated in the partition tearing the maps of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth apart. This event symbolizes the Troelfth cake. The ruler of Prussia, Fredrick II was known for his ironical attitude to life. He is said to compare the First Partition of Poland to the tradition of eating a special cake –Troelfth cake at Epiphany. During the feast, the cake is divided into as many shares as there are guests, plus one. These one left peace of the cake is for a wonderer. There is a bean inside the cake. A person who finds a bean in a piece of cake, will be lucky next year. Fredrick II received congratulations for this achievement from Voltaire. He said that indeed, it was the Troelfth cake and the bean had been divided into three parts.

    Starzec Magdalena