- Poland in Anarchy

  • Poland in Anarchy  Casimir to return?


    Czech deluge,  pagan reaction, revolt of the mighty, peasant uprising, country without the king, German help to restore the control for Polish King- such events were in the 11th century.

    After adopting Christianity in Poland priests started chistianizing peasants. New religion brought its intelectual character too. Priests could write and read. They introduced Latin and it was the start of written literature in Poland. However, pagans didn‘t want to adopt the new religion. Social tension grew till 1034, when revolt of the wealthy people exploded against the king, and next peasants rebeled against the mighty. King Casimir was exiled from the country. Poland didn’t have a king for several years. The country was atacked and robbed by the Czechs under the command of Duke Bretislaus. They stole a lot from Great Poland, destroyed bishops‘ headquaters and ruined the captial city, Gniezno, they took relics of St. Adalbert. Situation in the country gave a chance to Miecław, a former butler of the king,  to gain power. He took control of Mazovia. In the whole Polish country there was a complete chaos.
    Absence of leadership and fights inside country between rich people existed untill the return of the King Casimir I the Restorer. Rulers of neighboring countries fought among each other over their influence in Poland. Casimir won with the military help from Germany. After the seizure of power he regained the lost territories and  got new and strong allies. He moved the capital of Poland to Cracow. Casimir wanted to rebuild Poland. He succeeded to large extent. That is why he was called the Restorer. The Polish state started again to exist from the beginning.

                                                                                                       Fabian Pietryka