Mobility C4 The Programme for the Slovenia Short Term Student Exchange



    18th – 24th April, 2016

    Short-term exchange of groups of pupils

    (teaching / learning activity)






    Monday, 18th April, 2016

    7:30 - guests come to school in the morning with school van

    = welcomed by headteacher Alenka Tomšič

    7:50 – 9.25 – library preparatory workshop – with 5.A pupils (led by librarian Mirjam

                  Francetič and teacher Petra Bergoč)

                  = the foreign students become teachers – they read Oscar Wilde's

                 'The nightengale and the rose' to grade 5 students followed by a

                     short discussion of the story and creative activities

    9:30 – 9:45 – (15' break) – guest students can have a snack with the younger

                     children in their classes or in the school canteen.

    9:50 – cca. 10:20 - a short tour of the school premises led by Slovenian grade 9

                    students Vid Srebovt and Darko Narić

    10:40 – cca.11:30 – an interview with the guest students/teachers - general

                     impressions about the project and similar international collaboration – in

                     the school library (led by students from the multi-media group and 9 year

                     student, Larisa Šabec)

    11:45 – lunch in the school canteen

    13:30 – A guided tour of the Slovenian Museum of Military History and submarine


                     *** Films of countries/schools to be collected***


    Tuesday, 19th April, 2016

               Breakfast at hotel location / host students' homes

    • Guest students come to school with their hosts by school bus

          -    Guest teachers are picked up by school van or car from their hotel locations

    • Guest / host students and guest teachers gather in the assembly area or music room

    7:50 – 8:40 – ice breaker - short film presentations of all participating


    8:45 – 9:45 – two parallel workshops:

                        -library workshop for guest students (M. Francetič, L. Škvarča -                   

                         in the school library

                        -workshop for guest teachers: 'Helping immigrant students develop

                         language and reading skills'(Jana Špilar Dodič)– History classroom


    9:50 – cca.10:15 – Slovenian host students take guest students to their classes until

               break time

    • Guest teachers have a short tour of the classes led by  grade 8 students                                                       Darko Narić and Tamara Kapelj


    10:30 - guest students and teachers get a school packed lunch and are taken by

                 bus to visit the Predjama Castle / Postojna Cave (M.Bobek / U. Bubnič)

                (12:00 – castle visit / 14:00 cave visit)


    cca.17:00 – 18:00 – dinner for the guest students / teachers at restaurant 'Pri Marti'     

    cca. 19.30 – host families come and pick up guest students and take them home

                     = guest teachers are taken to their hotel locations

    Wednesday, 20th April, 2016

    Breakfast at hotel location / host students' homes

    Guest students come to school with their hosts by school bus

    Guest teachers are picked up by school van or car from their hotel locations



    – see separate programme –


    = 7:50 – 10:15 - workshops

    = 10:15 – 10:30 - (15 minute break – snack) – guest students eat

    together with Slovenian students in their workshop classrooms

    = 10:35 – 11:20 - workshops (prepare exhibits)

    = 11:30 – 12:40 – short cultural programme


    (The media will probably be present (Radio / TV)


    13:00 – guest students go home with their host students

    14:00 – lunch for guest teachers at the local restaurant 'Pri Marti'

                 = accompanied by school headteacher, vice head, teacher organizers of the

                    culture day, the mayor and/or municipal cultural representatives


    cca. 17:00 – Guest teachers are driven to their respective hotel locations.



    Thursday, 21st April, 2016


    7:15 – guest students / teachers and host students assemble at the school

            = guest + host students will take a packed lunch prepared by the host families

            = guest teachers will get a school packed lunch


    7:30 – leave for ski jumping resort PLANICA and BLED by bus (whole day excursion)

    • Slovenian students act as guides during the bus trip to Planica, using the material they prepared on key sights along the way (Ljubljana, Vrba, Bled, Mojstrana, the the statue of Aljaž...)

            = at Planica taking a ski-lift to the ski jump summit; a guided tour of the new

               Nordic ski jumping museum – lunch break

            = a walk around Bled lake / taste Bled's special pastery 'kremšnita'


    cca. 18:00 = guest and host students go home (dinner with the host families)

                     = guest teachers and accompanying teachers have dinner at 

                        restaurant 'Pri Marti'




    Friday, 22nd April, 2016

    6:20 – arrival at school; school packed lunch guest students and teachers   

    6:30 – guest students and teachers are taken by bus to Ljubljana (the capital of


    8.00 – 10:00 – a visit to the school museum, where the students take part in a   

               simulated classroom experience from 1906 (in English); the group is divided  

               into two smaller groups. One group partakes in the simulation at 8:00 while the

               other group eats their packed lunch. At 9:00 the second group partakes in the

               simulation while the first group has their packed lunch.


    10:00 – two guest students, one from the Netherlands and one from the UK guide the

               group to the cable car that leads to the Ljubljana Castle by reading and

               following the route on a map of the city.

    11:00 – cca.12:30 -  a guided visit at the Ljubljana Castle

    12:30 – 13:30 – a bit of sightseeing on our way to the bus stop 

    14:00 - depart from Ljubljana

    15:00 – arrival at Pivka

              – host students pick up guest students and take them home and get ready for

                 the night in the library activities

                 = guest teachers are taken to their hotel locations



    Things needed for the NIGHT IN THE LIBRARY activities:

    • A sweatsuit / track suit
    • Trainers and slippers (all our students wear slippers in school)
    • A sleeping bag if it isn't too awkward to bring. The Slovenian students who have extra sleeping bags will provide them for you and/or blankets/pillows; and we have gym mats.
    • A head light for reading in the dark and for the treasure hunt in the stadium
    • A book of your preference for late night reading
    • A CD of some of your favourite music for the dance
    • A dictionary English to your L1 (it can also be on your mobiles)
    • READ THE BOOK or WATCH THE FILM 'MATILDA' – because all activities in the night in the library are based on the book


    ***Teachers will get bed sheets and blankets from the Slovenian teacher

                          colleagues for their overnight stay at the school.***




    Saturday, 23rd April, 2016


    7:30 – 9:00– guests / hosts have a traditional Slovenian breakfast in

                         the school canteen

    9:00 – 10:00 - clean up time - all mats are brought back to the gym; the

                         classrooms and kitchen are tidied up; boards are cleaned

                         and everything is put back into its place. 

    10:00 – 12:30 – everyone assembles in the assembly area

    • Students and teachers discuss the 'Night in the library' activities and are given separate evaluation questionnaires to answer.


    13:00 - families come to pick up ALL students; teachers are driven to

              their hotel locations.

    14:00 – guest teachers and Slovenian participating teachers have lunch

             at the local restaurant 'Pri Marti'

    Sunday, 24th April, 2016


    •  a short teachers' meeting at Herman's about the mobility

               in Slovenia and any queries about the upcoming activities of the



    •  a live interview with guests for TV Pivka about the

              Erazmus+ project and their involvement in international

              collaboration in general. prepared by:Magdalena Bobek, mag.     (head of project)



    Have a look at some of the major events from the teaching / learning mobility in Slovenia at: