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    The most popular diseases of 11th century

    It's the year of 1066, the king Boleslav 2nd the Bold is ruling.

    In the 11th century only the richest people had access to medicine, but there were a lot of diseases in those days. Most people healed on their own by medicine herbs or magic spells. Women often died at giving birth for their children. Although the birth of child is a happy moment in a woman‘s life, for a lot of them that was the last moment in their lives. None of them realized that giving birth could go into any kind of infection. They thought that it had to be like that. Giving life was the first of the two most miserable causes of death.

    The secound cause of dying was so-called "black death". It was widespread in Europe by bacteria from Middle Asia. That disease give a terrible pain. Basic symptoms of that disease were sweling, high temperature and occurrence of black itchy stains. In some cases there might have been observed blood flowing from one's nose.

    Of course there were more diseases, but medical knowledge in the 11th century wasn't developed enough to deal with them.

                                                                                           Marta Misiewicz