lighting up Naples

  • Naples and Enlightenment


    In the Kingdom of Naples Enlightenment is having great echo and intellectuals have started debating the new ideas, which contrast former periods.

    It is a cultural and philosophical movement, characterized by the discussion of ethical and political themes.

    Risultati immagini per mario pagano In Naples, the debate is really active.  The city hasn’t just absorbed this movement. On the contrary, it has given rise to new architectural forms, new philosophical thoughts and laying the foundations of the economy and of modern law.



    Naples had been the vital centre of the Renaissance naturalistic philosophy, and now it has returned to experience new impulse with some important thinkers, such as Mario Pagano, one of the most important jurists and politicians.






    As a consequence of the great diffusion of new ideas, the impulse to renovation and to the triumph of reason, in the area we have seen the construction of impressive public buildings: the “Real Residence of the Poor” and the Royal palace of Caserta, both commissioned by King Charles of Bourbon, a typical representative of the Enlightenment spitit.



    Risultati immagini per antonio genovesiWe also need to remember the birth of the Economics School of Antonio Genovesi, which is bringing a lot of innovations in the national economy.


    Antonio Genovesi is the leading exponent of the Neapolitan school.

    For Genovesi the world is made up of phenomena, bodies and feelings, and all knowledge is knowledge of phenomena.

    Genovesi’s students can be divided into two branches: the Utopians and the pragmatists.


    Very important for this time is Genovesi’s decision not to teach in Latin but in Italian.