A Concert of Budka Suflera

  • Since the beginning of  the band "Budka Suflera"it has presented many concerts, over 300 of them a year!

    I would like to write you about one of them entitled "Budka Suflera in the Opera House, Live From Sopot '74". It took place on August 14, 1974, at the Forest Opera in Sopot. On the debut show appeared Krzysztof Cugowski (as leader), Romuald Lipko (keyboard instruments), Mieczysław Jurecki (guitar and bass), Marek Raduli (guitar, solo guitar), Tomasz Zeliszewski (drums), Zdzisław Janiak (guitar and rhythm guitar) And guest artists Stanisław Zybowski (guitar), Urszula (vocals) and Felicjan Andrzejczak (vocals). There have been presented fourteen hit songs, such as "Dream of the Valley", "Jolka, Jolka Remember", "Shadow of the Great Mountain", "From Long Expeditions", "Lead Time" and others: "All my hustle", "Genius Blues, "" The Road to Goodbye, "" It's not like that, "" Ragtime, "" Silence like this, "" Your radio, "and" It's such a lonely house. "

    The band's fans were delighted! They heard their favourite songs! Everyone was having a great time-the crowd was having fun, the people’s hands were up!


    The vocalists gave a few words to the fans. They thanked for the opportunity to appear in such a beautiful city on the big stage with such an entertaining and kind audience.

    The atmosphere was really great. All the people were having fun not only the young ones but older people as well. With time, instead of rock  songs, artists started to play calm songs like "Jolka Jolka remember". People lifted hands up holding lights in them.

    These were unforgettable moments.

    The whole show lasted over an hour. The atmosphere was amazing. There was a feeling of love and warmth floating in the air, as if the world had stopped for a moment and all the evil had gone away.

     I am convinced that this concert will remain for a long time the memory of all the fans.

    The band's concert was for everyone who wanted to hear it, and for  those who love rock! 

    Dominik Bigos