Regency Act Passed

  • Regency Bill Passed 1789

    The Regency Bill of 1789 was passed yesterday, it was an Act of Parliament to provide that King George III's eldest son George, Prince of Wales who would act as regent due to the King's incapacity through mental illness.




    Previously there was no legislation in place, and no legal basis for providing a regent, and the King was in no fit state to give Royal Assent to the Act. Parliament decided to have the Lord Chancellor approve the bill by fixing the Great Seal of the Realm to give Royal Assent. However, the King recovered in time before the bill could be passed. Prince Frederick , Duke of York and Albany described  the Act as illegal; but following his recovery, the King declared that the government had acted correctly.

    The King's continuing mental problems throughout the rest of his life confirmed the need for a suitable Regency Act to be in place. However, the King was hostile to the passing of such an Act while he was of sound mind.