• The menu of a peasant and burgher did not differ significantly from the menu of a nobleman in which there were quite a lot of luxury items. Their acquisition was associated with high financial costs. In addition, a nobleman ate a lot of meat dishes (from hunting) often with a lot of wine. The menu nobleman was richer and more varied.


    The peasant’s menu 
    -rye bread


    The burgher’s menu 
    -rye bread
    -salty meat
    - Hungarian wine


    The nobleman’s menu 
    -fruits; lemons, oranges, raisins
    -roast duck
    -roast chicken
    -other baked animals
    -vegetables (Italian)




    Burgher’s MENU 
    -Grape Of berries
    -Hungarian wine
    -Split pea soup
    -Cauliflower soup
    -Cabbage soup
    -Fish soup
    -Barley soup
    - Leek Soup 
    -Potato soup
    -Milk soup
    Main dish:
    -Barley + Fish
    -Peas + Cabbage
    -Salted meat with a slice of bread
    -Potatoes with pork scratchings of bacon
    -Soup from fermented rye flour in bread
    -Polish dish of sauerkraut, sausage and mushrooms on a leaf of cabbage
    -Meat in lard
    -Fish with buckwheat and cabbage salad
    -Blood sausage
    - Bread with lard and onion
    - Black pudding
    - Gingerbread