The Royal Palace at Casserta

  • 21st January 1752



                       The Royal Palace of Caserta

    The Royal Palace of Caserta has been designed by  the Neapolitan architect Luigi Vanvitelli.  He arrived in Caserta in 1751, called by Carlo di Borbone, who wanted to "rival" the Royal Palace of Versailles.

    The story of the building of the Palace started on 28th August 1750. The king asked that the project included also the garden and the surrounding urban area. The gardens used water provided by a new aqueduct, the Aqueduct Carolino, that was built to bring water to   the complex of San Leucio from the Fizzo's sources, on the Mount Taburno, in the territory of Bucciano (near Sant'Agata de' Goti).

    As soon as he arrived in Caserta, Vanvitelli began the palace design with the promise to make one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. Yesterday, 20th January 1752, during a solemn ceremony, the first stone was placed.

    The Royal Palace design is really ambitious: it comprises 1200 rooms and four courtyards. Furthermore, it is enriched with a park that is a continuous succession of views, water’s games, waterfalls and little waterfalls.

    It will surely compete Versailles Royal Palace and we are sure  any person who will visit the Palace, will be enchanted by  the beauty and magnificence of the whole complex.  






    Class 3 B S.I.A.