Everyday life

  • Everyday life in 1970s


    -Hi grandma . How are you?

    -I’m ok, and you?

    - I’d like you to tell me how was it to live in 1970s in that time?

    A queue before each shop

    -I really like to think about these years. There was almost nothing in shops except vinegar. Than special “ration stamps” were introduced and thanks to them it was possible to buy different products. For the first ones  you could buy: sugar, flour, meat. People were queuing for hours to buy something. And we also used to change each other in long queues. Sometimes when we wanted to get soap and when  it wasn’t in a shop  we took for example toothpaste.

    -Really? So you didn’t have a toothpaste? What about other shops?

    -There were shops called “Pewex”. In these shops you could pay only in dollars. Only rich people used to buy products in such kind of shops. Everything there looked like in American films.

    -Where did the people take dollars from?

    -There were people who had families in America.

    -So there were not many people doing shopping in these shops, right?

    - Yes, it’s true. If someone had clothes from “ Pewex” people were envious  and they used to say that this person was very trendy. There were also milk-bars.

    -Why milk ones?

    -As there were a lot of milk products. It was almost not possible to eat  any meat dishes.

    -What about computers, phones or TVs?

    -It was just one or two TVs in a village and you could watch only two channels on it. All the people living in this village were meeting in one house to watch something.

    -That’s so weird. It’s good that everything is different now. I’m very happy you told me all about it.

    -The pleasure was mine. It was great to turn back to that time. 

    Natalia Niedbała