- Away with the Fairies

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    Mythical creatures called '' fairies '' come from Slavic mythology, although they are also mentioned in Celtic mythology. The fairies are souls of the dead girls. They are described as beautiful and eternally young girls, that can be transformed into the deer or into other forest animals. They are often dressed in long white dresses. They shouldn`t lose a single hair because their hair is their strength. Some fairies carry swords because the fairy is also an experienced warrior. We can find in the old legends that the Earth shakes when they fight. Although they can attack a man, a man can pluck feathers from their wing and thus gain control over them. Their hair is mostly brown, blond or red. Most of them live in the forests and caves, but the easiest way to find them is to find a tree surrounded by mushrooms. Depending on the habitat they were given names –planinkinje (which lives on the mountains), vodarkinje (which lives in the water) and oblakinje (which lives in the clouds). Some fairies have built their own castles in the clouds. As Celtic mythology says, fairies are often associated with rivers or lakes where they dance fairy chariot. National legends differ fairies that help people and evil fairies that harm people. Their power can be throwing magic, looking into the future and treat patients. A man can be most protected from the fairy with bread. Therefore, whenever you go at night in the forest you must have a piece of bread so that you can`t be caught by the fairies. Some fairies may have a fish tails instead of limbs or horse's hooves instead of feet.