- Battle of Budziszyn

  • Battle of Budziszyn


     read about Polish archers from Budziszyn!


    In 1004, as the Polish state grew too much, Henry 2nd , the Holy Roman Emperor, decided to conquer Poland and went to Milsko. His army arrived to Zgorzelec and next to Budziszyn. German King didn't atack directly to the north on property of Polish Duke Boleslav the Brave, because the winter was coming. He knew that winter isn't good for an attack. And he knew that Polish army was strong.

    Henry ordered his troops to attack Budziszyn. After a long defense we didn't have arrows. We had to start their production. With group of archers we collected the material outside the city. Many children and women were with us and they helped us a lot. On the way back we met a German group of warriors. There were about 30 of them. Children and women fled toward us, so we took bows and we killed 10 enemy wariors with our bows. When the rest ran towards us,  we had to take our swords and fight. It was not easy, becasue most of us were not prepared to use swords. Most of my companions were killed, the others rushed to escape. Fortunately, Duke Boleslav with his army approached. Thanks to him, I with my two other companions and the rest of the children and women didn't suffer and we could safely come back home.


                                                                                               Jakub Moskalewicz