- Nawojka - first female student

  • I stayed in center of Krakow along with 2 other students, Jacek and Jakub, but some people called him Andrzej. I have no idea why. On this day was celebrated Ester Monday, so there were many jokers. A lot of people celebrated openly, repeatedly pof water to such an extent than they were all wet

    A group of kids saw that I was completely dry, so they started to run after me with buckets. I really liked this holiday so joined in the fun, with Jacek. But Jakub preferred to stand aside and watch the water fight. I decided to pour a solid bucket of water on him, but he run away and told me to leave. I didn't listen to him. I went up to him , he was behaving very strangely. I decided to encourage him to celebration. It turned out than Jakub was a woman, large number of people noticed this. After this incident Nawojka, that means Jakub was kicked out of the Academy and had to appear before the court of bishops. I decided to help her and advise something. Together we tried to look for a way to avoid the penalty which was burning at the stake. Nawojka was very nice and I started to think about her more often.

    I decided to invite her for dinner in the evening, she agreed.  After the evening I knew something between us sparks, so meetings were held more frequently. But the problem continued to exist. I realy liked Nawojka. Jacek sudenly came up with an idea. He came up with the idea that Nawojka should go to a monastery. I didn't like this idea as it would mean the end of common meetings with Nawojka. Nawojka stood before the court and promised than she will go to the Monastery. The court agreed. Then I was happy but also sad. Nawojka was also not completely satisfised. We had to part with a heavy heart, and I had a promise than I would never try to find her. Nawojka moved out and walked toward the monastery, and I was left with sorrow and grief in my heart because I lost a very close person to me

    Jakub Moskalewicz