- Erazem From Predjama





    In the middle of a high cliff there was an exuberant mighty castle. It's owner was the  handsome and brave knight, Erazem Predjamski. He was in a dispute with the Triestan baron Rauber. Rauber heard about Erazem's shelter and began to besiege it. He thought: »Sooner or later the hunger will drive him from the castle. Then I will get him.«

    The Baron tried seizing the castle for months, but Erazem kept on laughing at him from the enormous cliff. He and his servants kept baking and partying at the castle,  and every once in a while sent fish and meat to Raubar's soldiers. In late spring they even sent fresh cherries. Rauber wondered: »Where does Erazem get his food?«

     One day, Erazem threw a whole ox cut into four parts to the enemy's soldiers.

    Rauber realized that it would be impossible to beat Erazem in this way, so he bribed  Erazem's servant, who was bringing his soldiers  gifts from the castle. The servant told Rauber that the thinnest wall in the castle was where even the emperor walks by himself – which was, of course, the toilet. They both agreed that when Erazem went to the toilet, the servant would light a candle in one of the castle's windows as a sign. And that's exactly how it happened. Raubar's soldiers fired a cannon ball that hit the wall, which fell right on top of Erazem as he was sitting on the toilet, and killed him. It was only when Rauber seized the castle that he found a secret passage to the nearby valley, which was used by Erazem to get fresh food.

    The Predjama Castle still attracks many tourists to this day. And Erazem is said to be buried under the nearby 500 year-old linden tree, which was planted by his beloved to remember him.