• Literature about Geert de Boer

    Geert was a 25 year old young farmer, whose main means of existence was working on the land of a lord, like many other young men. Geert had to give a part of his harvest to the landlord, Sjors. Geert was very poor, and didn’t have any rights. He was forced to work on the farms, in exchange for his duties and his gifts (the part of his harvest), he received protection from the landlord. 

    He only had a cow named Berta and a small piece of land north of Sjors’ mansion (in fact, it was more of a castle). Geert’s whole family died during an attack from some barbaric scoundrels a few months ago. After the butchering, Geert went to Sjors’ mansion and begged for work in exchange for protection, as he knew the scoundrels would return.

    One day, when Geert and Berta were lifting stones for the expansion of Sjors’ mansion and were just walking over the moat across the bridge (across the moat), Berta collapsed because of the weight of the stones. The bridge wasn’t stable, and collapsed as Berta collapsed on the bridge. Because of the collapse of the bridge, other cows panicked and destroyed carts and other things, which were owned by Sjors.

    Berta was dead. Geert’s only friend was lost. Sjors found out about the destruction of the moat and the bridge and blamed Geert for it. Geert was to be executed the next day at the gallows.

    This was the tale of Geert, Berta and Sjors.