• Fashion in Poland

    Young women want to follow the French fashion. The ideal beauty has blue eyes and fair hair. Dresses are expensive. They are made of gauze, tulle and muslin with a lot of ornaments. The girdle (a piece of very tight underwear that woman wear to make them look tinner) is very important. Each woman must wear it if she wants to look attractive. The ideal woman is delicate, nice, fragile and full of grace. Male fashion is based on short trousers, jerkin (a short jacket without sleeves)  and a dressing-gown. They are made of the same fabric. The hat is triangular in shape and is decorated with feathers. The small potable watch hanging on the chain and decorated with a snuffbox as well as leather gloves are a must. They are very fashionable and they should be perfectly matched. As you can imagine, you can’t feel freely if  you want to follow fashion. The clothes aren’t comfortable. You can wear them if you are rich or if you belong to a  noble family.

    Polak Szymon, Sandra Smoleń, Rafał Tabor, Adrian Strugała


    In the 18c. women’s fashion was influenced by French fashion.

    Dresses were very expensive, made of expensive materials and beautifully decorated.

    A dress consisted of:


    -long, white gown had the lingerie function.

    3 basic forms of outfit :

    -  1 piece dress,

    - 2 piece combination consisted of skirt was worn

    At home ladies wore light dresses. Materials used for dresses were: silks and cotton.

    Pearls bracelets were popular, also ivory fans. Shoes were court shoes on high heel, with long narrow nose. The most fashionable haircuts were smoothly combed and slightly powdered. Grease was also used. Later wigs became fashionable. Hats were decorated with feathers, flowers and materials.   Makeup was essential: women put it on faces, necks and backs.                                                           Country women wore canvas or woolen skirt and blouse, in winter sheep hides.


    French influence dominated. A stylish men wore: a vest, tight trousers, made of thick materials. For short trousers they used thin stockings. Less formal man’s outfit was based on English fashion, it was modest and casual.                                                                                                                                                                          At home men wore short trousers, vests and sleeping gown.


    On the beginning of the 18thth children’s needs were neglected. Their outfit were the precise, miniature copies of adult clothes.


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