Thursday Dinners

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    Thursday dinners are social meetings literary-scientific afternoon feasts  organised since 1770 and initiated by the king ST.August Poniatowski . They are organised regularly  every week ,and they last 3 to 4 hours. They mostly take place in the Royal Castle ,in summer in the Baths .Their aim is to lead conversations about art , science , also discussing literary works .

    On these dinners there meet artists ,painters ,sculptors poets, writers etc .

    The dinners have the function of almost cultural institution which in fluenced the development (flourishment) of  literature of that period .The most eminent guests of the dinners were :Hugo Kolłątaj ,Stanisław Konarski ,Ignacy Krasicki ,  Stanisław Poniatowski ,Ignact Potocki ,Jan i Jędrzej Śniadeccy and Stanisław Tremecki.

    Kalinski Kamil

    Thursday Dinners


    We are currently in the Council Chamber at the Royal Castle. We were asked by the king Stanisław August to gather and discuss art in Poland.

    Nowadays, among the leading intelectualls in the polish art there are such names as Ignacy Krasicki, Stanisław Poniatowski, Hugo Kołątaj, Ignacy Nagurczewski and Adam Naruszewicz.

    The king decided that these meetings will be held on every thursday under the name „Thursday Dinners”.

    During the meetings we will mainly talk about painting, significance of literature or the Commission of Education in our country.

    I would like to ensure you that every meeting will have a positive influence on the future of Polish art and education future of art and education in Poland.

    Łukasz Stala

    Meeting with the King

    King Stanisław August as every Thursday invited the most outstanding Polish intellectuals to Łazienki  palace . He organized these meetings so that  the members of the meetings could give the most excellent opinion about him. In these meetings participated the best writers.  They participated in the cultural life. Feasters perched  on  the outside of tables that were arranged in a horseshoe. Naruszewicz and Trembecki filled the best places by the king. Everyone wore the best clothes  as they waited for  Ignacy Krasicki. He was a rare guest,  but always expected by the people coming to these meetings. Women never took part in these kind of gatherings.

    Paul Tremo the best chef cooked meals for meetings. Drinking wine was limited to one symbolic glass of the Hungarian wine, called by the king "Popiel", but  Naruszewicz was the only person who had the right to drink two glasses. Different meals were served: borsch with dumplings, cold cooked meats, and king’s fovourite mutton roast.  Amongst participants were Józef Wybicki and Stanisław Konarski who  gave the project of the reparation for the education . He said that  school should teach practical knowledge, science and mother tongue. Also Latin and  rhetoric shouldn’t be so important. In school should be more manual and physical classes and the Christian attitude to life . The theme associated with the statehood appeared only once during the meeting and only for a short time  as this topic was boring. Different kinds of jokes appeared during meetings. The king at such meetings experienced relaxation, escaped from political difficult problems and torments of everyday life. Conversations were  spontaneous. Many times the king gave the topics for discussion, but it didn't cause stiff character of meetings. Conversations proceeded freely and burst of laughter wasn't missing. At six o’clock p.m the king finished the meeting and said goodbye to guests. After that he went to have some rest.


    Aleksandra Popiołek