Interview with Jan Chryzostom Pasek


    • Good morning Mr. John. I’m a journalist from a local newspaper “Plus”. Could I ask you a few questions?

    Yes, of course. It will be a great pleasure for me.

    • You are an outstanding Polishof the Mazowsze nobility. Is it true you were banished?

    Yes, I was a real  troublemaker. I processed eight times and I was  banished five times. It was caused by my behavior- disturbance of the public peace more strictly speaking- beating a nobleman and invasions on noble mansions. In 1700 I was sentenced to infamy. I processed with the owners of the leased goods. My name often appeared in the court file. Now I can proudly say that there isn’t any repression in my life.

    • What is your attitude to the French people?

    Honestly I am hostile, especially to Mary Louis and her surroundings. However, during Lubomirski rebellion I took the side of the king.

    • What did you deal with in the time of your youth?

    In the days of youth, I was in the army, served in the division of Stefan Czarniecki, and more specifically in the armored regiment. I took part in the war with the Swedes, going then to Denmark, where l continued my struggle in the defense of the country. After returning to Poland there was not peaceful. In 1659 I had to go to war with Moscow.

    • You are famous with your literary work “Memoirs”. What do they represent?

    “Memoirs” share into two parts. The first describes my service in the army and second  my territorial life. Creating an image of my turbulent life I used many literary genres and varieties of literary material. I used there, among others lyrical poem, eulogy, speech, excerpts of soldier songs, letters, battle descriptions  and lampoons.

    • What events in your life are the most important to you?

    I think the most  important events in my life are: taking part in Michał Korybut Wiśniowski and August II election and the military command  against the Turks.

    • Thank you very much for the interview. I think you are an example for the future writers. I wish you every success. Goodbye.

    I also thank you. Goodbye.

    Agata Wilk