• MONITOR -  the first Polish newspaper.

    In this issue of the biweekly they write about the history of the newspaper .
    More specifically on the monitor which was founded by Ignacy Krasicki  and Adam Czartoryski, with the support of the king Stanisław August Poniatowski. In the years 1765 - 1785 the letter was issued from the royal printing house and was initially a newspaper and then biweekly,usually had 8 pages . Based on the English archetype ,,The Spector ", Monitor" was first written in the spirit of rationalism and tolerance of religions . It discussed current topics related to social life and political culture . The aim of the letter was primarily to improve the morals of society to combat drunkness , and many other current things. In this way , "Monitor " perpetuated a negative image of the Sarmat nobleman . At the same time efforts were made to create a new model of nobleman. 


    Daniel Magda