- Contemporary family

  • Family has always been an important part of the society. Children have been raised in many different ways. How does the situation look in today's family, in the times of development?




    In the Polish society small families were always the most frequent. People get married when the woman was 24-25 years old and the man was one or two years older. It happened like that because people wanted to start work first and to sustain the new-started family. Children were born approximately after a year of marriage. Children were born every 1,5 to 3 years. When thinking about the late marriage and early infertility of women, the number of children in the family was no more than 4 to 5 children. A huge death rate appeared, so 25% to 30% of new - born children died and little less of them died during childhood and teenage years. As a result of that less than half of the children born ever turned adult. A huge death rate also touched the women giving birth.








    "Families in middle - class nobility"

    To get married, the groom had to be educated in school or court and be experienced in army, have office skills or inherit some wealth or have something on lease. The bride did not have to do such things. Her father would give dowry to her. Different conditions caused a big age gap between the man and the woman. Children of the nobility middle - class were taken care of by servants. They were considered to be close to the children. They were called babysitters and were supposed to take care of the children but also breast - feed them instead of their mothers.


     Dul Marzena