- Jagiellonian Dynasty

  • Poland at the time of the Jagiellonian dynasty is experiencing his golden age in the history. The founder of the dynasty was Wladyslaw Jagiello III who, in 1385 by the Act of Union in Krewo,  married queen Jadwiga. Grand Duchy of Lithuania joined  to the Crown of the Polish Kingdom. The last king of this dynasty was Zygmunt I Stary. The next king wass  Zygmunt II August.

    Zygmunt I Stary lived from 1476  to 1548,  the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the Polish king was in 1506 as the Polish king relied on the Senate recognizing the nobility for immature which led to the war hen in 1537. In foreign and domestic policy , which sought to drive with caution and circumspection cared primarily about the interests of the State. The wife of  Zymunt I Stary was Bona Sforza. 
    The Queen had quite considerable influence over the king and especially in his last years of life. Turkish sultan forbade his pirates attacking castles in Bari or Ostini, Not because that he  asked him about some Italian princess , but because fortresses belonged to the Polish Queen - State of which they counted. What is the proof that Poland experienced its golden period and was in power at that time in Europe, to which everyone had to be with reckoned. In 1525 in Krakow Grand Master of the Teutonic Order Albert Hohenzollern paid homage to King Zygmunt Stary, who gave lenny relationship to Poland and Prussia. The King in 1526 included  Mazovia to Poland. He avoided a conflict with Turkey in 1533. Thanks to  his  political and economic abilities, he got a regular  army called ‘Political Defense”  He was a prominent patron of the arts, particularly architecture, that his reign was rebuilt in the Renaissance Wawel and during his reign in Poland art and culture flourished .

    Zygmunt II August was born in 1520. Grand Duke of Lithuania was from 1529 years and the Polish king from 1548 (formally in 1530 ). Through his mother Bona Sforza crowned his lifetime father Zygmunt Stary in 1530. In 1547 , taking secretly married to Barbara Radziwill began his reign in conflict with the nobility. At first, he continued the policy of his father and reigned with the nobles gradually based , however, on average the nobility. During the coronation of the youngest Polish king when he was nine years and seven months. Adopted resolutions the Council of Trent , which was considered the beginning of the Counter-Reformation , but maintained religious tolerance. Zygmunt August , as the ruler of the state of the Commonwealth had to measure up to a great variety of religious. He was a Catholic. His reign fall on time powerful movements Reformation of Catholicism in Europe. Which required moderation in decisions regarding faith. King was tolerant of other faiths. The King often spoke to the deputies , " I am not king of your consciences ". Poland was called " a country without stakes " and many people banished from their countries settled in Commonwealth for example Czech Protestants Scots Dutch


                                                                                                                                     Krystian Warias