- Puzzles

  • The letters will create  a word, the first word in a sentence.  Do Polish crosswords! In each newspaper you will find a solution –a new word. After the last issue you will have a whole sentence about Poland.





    Horizotally:  1) Polish Duke, who was baptised in 966   2) Czech bishop, patron saint of Poland   3) wtitten language used in Poland in 11th century by the clergy   4) 1st capital of Poland   5) Name of the lake where baptism of Poland took place   6) name of the island, where the baptism took place   7) Name of the 1st Polish King   8) Polish state started to exist in 966 thanks to ...   9) 2nd capital of Poland, since 1038 

    Vertically: Bishop of Cracow, murdered by the King Boleslaw the Bold