Naples Hotel for Poors



    The Royal Hotel for Poors, or Fuga's Palace, inaugurated in 1751, is situated in Foria Road, one of the main streets of the Neapolitan Kingdom.

    Commissioned by King Charles III of the Bourbon dynasty, it was designed by the Florentine architect Ferdinando Fuga on a 100.000 m2 surface, representing one of the biggest building in Europe.


    The initial project, in Neapolitan baroque style, had a rectangular plant with five inner courtyards and a church in the middle, but for economic reasons it has been built only partially. With 430 rooms of different size, it is aimed to host the poors, the disinherited and the immigrants from the whole Kingdom, offering them full boarding, besides the opportunity to be educated and learn job skills.





    IIS “DE’ LIGUORI” – Class 3 C Turismo