- Fashion for rich and poor

  • Fashion

    The dress sense now in the 1550s is inspired by countries like Spain, Italy and England.

     A standard look for the rich ones is blonde hair, pale face, red lips and cheeks.
    It's a typical look for the rich upper class and nobility.

     Meanwhile, the standard look of poor ones is tanned skin. Because they work all day long and therefore get more sun on their faces. Their clothes look like sheets, full of dirt after a long day of work.                                                                                                              The poor ones make their own clothes, and everything is homemade. Their clothes are not as fine as the clothes of the rich ones.

    The rich people`s dresses are made of the best substance. They have something called pipe collar. That is a white collar, which they wear around their necks. They also have a dress with a white apron, and they have a white hat. They make their clothes of the wool from their sheep. A typical belonging for a feminine wardrobe is the corset. They use them to minimize their waist, and it also makes the skirts look fluffier.

    Womens underwear consists of a washable linen chemise or smock. Wealthy womens smocks are embroidered and trimmed with narrow lace.


    Men’s fashionable clothing is consisted of a linen shirt with collar or ruff matching his wrist ruffs. Other clothing of high importance in the fasionworld of this time is long socks, short pants and hats with feathers.