- Renaissance Fashion

  • Renessaince Fashion came to Poland!!!

    Men’s fashion

    Wide necklines jackets, clothing with puffed sleeves, flat berets, and even shoes, with broad, blunt noses called “beaks of ducking”. Appeared in fashion trendy clothes are extensive, heavy and flowing. On the market there are new materials: cotton and silk, linen and cotton batiste for underwear. Very nice are also materials with large patterns for example velvet on a gold background. Most images are embroidered with black or gold thread. The most representative outfit topsheet is szuba: robe made of precious material with large, collar falling into the shoulders and often with slit sleeves. It has got fur as a lining. Sleeves of “szuba” can also hang freely from the elbow. Fur of beavers sable, kun, foxes,  squirrels and dormouse way used for lining.

     Female fashion.

    In the wardrobe of contemporary women there are dress pants (consisting of corset on the top and skirt stuck to it) and dress with cone-shaped skirt with a long train. Corset should have square necklines finished with lace and jewels. These sleeves of dress should be wide, trimmed with fur. Dresses should be sewn with wool linen silk or velvet. Woman wears a linen petticoat under the of two dresses. It may seem that this outfit has too many layers but remember that in the castle there was usually chilly and there were drafts. Lately more and more women began to wear the same dress pants. They wear them with decorative corsets resembling more lanes worn around the waist. Most often they were adorned with gold chains and precious stones. It is worth noting that these belts are fastened by a key!  


    Alicja Godek