A letter from a health resort


                                                                            Iwonicz, 5th May 1660

    My dearest!

    I feel really fantastic! You don’t even realize how has my health improved. Especially local water has helped me. I want to describe you my feelings.

       Health resort consist not only of a main building and apartments but also of places designed for different therapies. There are a lot of health resort visitors so many new apartments are being built. I have a little room in a wooden house. I have my own bathroom and a big balcony with a beautiful scenery. It is really nice  and comfortable. And the atmosphere in this town is amazing! You don’t have to do anything to feel great, just breath this clean air. There are many paths for people willing to walk. It is possible to admire nature and take sights. The forest is full of animals. Every patient who comes to the resort gets his own plan of activities. These activities suit to symptoms each person suffers from.. Gymnastic, massages, natural therapies are only examples of therapies. Of course we drink plenty of healthy water. Every patient must get to know the  history of this place. This is the tradition. I also found of a lot about history of the health resort. Many famous people come here as well. Even our king, Jan III Sobieski spent some time here.

       It is impossible to describe this whole place in my letter so please visit me as soon as possible.

                                             Your Izabella

    Kamila Żarów