Interview with Ignacy Krasicki

  • Wise, full of charm and extremely talented:

    Interview with Ignacy Krasicki, the most outstanding writer of our time

    Franciszek Bohomolec: Greetings Your Excellency the Archbishop. Thank you for coming despite your very tight schedule.

    Ignacy Krasicki:  Good morning! I always have time to talk to such excellent chronicler as I know that the conversation can be very interesting.

    F.B. :  Thank you, Your Excellency for these respects, but you are the star of the conversation. Tell me, please, how did you become a priest.

    I.K. : I come from an impoverished aristocratic family. I have chosen the clerical state not because of vocation, but because my parents convinced me. They wanted me to have a dignified life. After the ordination to the priesthood I went to Rome to study. I held various positions. I was the bishop of Warmia and I’m a Gniezno archbishop now.

    F.B. :Let today’s  interview  be concerned with your literary achievements. When did your career begin?

    I.K. :The year 1775 was the landmark year when I read out excerpts of mock-heroic poem titled “Myszeidos” during one of famous Thursday dinners organized by our graciously reigning king.

    F.B. : I remember this event as I was present at this meeting and I could hear your presentation. What literary genres do you like to use?

    I.K.: My creation is mostly based on antic origin.  I write fairy tales, heroic poems, satires. My novels titled “Mikołaj Doświadczyński’s stories” and “Mr. Podstoli” are a new genre. I’m very proud of them!

    F.B.: What message is contained in your texts?

    I.K. : I blame stupidity and backwardness of the society. I proclaim the praise of reforms, changes as well as science and human reasoning. There was a division of a part of the Polish lands in 1772 caused by people who didn’t care of welfare of our state. I experienced the drama, because my property become included into the areas of Prussia.

    F.B.: The Archbishop’s convictions are clearly defined. Is it true that you persuade people to submit to the king?

    I.K.: I think that the Polish nation has to respect, value and be loyal to the king because His Majesty  August Poniatowski is extremely educated, honest and clever person.

    F.B.: Apparently, you had known the prince  Augut Poniatowski before he became the king.

    I.K.: It’s true. We have been friends for many years. I got to know him when we were young. He has already been a noble person.

    F.B.: Your Excellency, you are a V.I.P. at Thursday dinners. What do you think about them?

    I.K.: They are afternoon literary and scientific feasts from your . They usually take place at the Royal Castle and , as you know from your own experience ( significant smile)we are talking  about art, science, literature. I think they represent  an extraordinary spiritual feast for all intellectuals.

    F.B.: I’m of the same opinion. I’d like to thank Your Excellency for the interview. You are our Polish poets’ Prince and I wish you would write many another excellent texts.

    I.K. : Thank you! It was a nice meeting!


    Maria Rajpold