Invasion in Czechoslovakia

  • Grandpa talks to his grandson.  The Polish army forces in invasion on Czechoslovakia.


          Grandpa, what was that invasion all about?


         Invasion was an armed raid of enemy’s army on the territory of another country.

     In 1968 the Polish forces entered Czechoslovakia.

    At night 20th August 1968 the armies of the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and German Democratic Republic entered the Czechoslovakia’s territory.

    There were 200.000-250.000 soldiers and 4200 tanks taking part in the invasion.

    In a couple of hours the forces of the Warsaw Treaty took control of Czechoslovakia.

    In total the armies taking part in the intervention caused deaths of 90 people.

    More than 800 people got injured. 

      In 1969 an April 17th the 1st secretary of the Czech Communist party Alexander Dubcek was made give up his political post, he was succeeded by Gustav Husak, the supporter of ,,normalization’’. 


     I’ ve told what I remember. Maybe it’s not clear for you, but I hope it ‘ll be useful for you. 


    Thank you very much grandpa. 

            Gabriela Kulpa