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    Today we are interviewing the Italian students of the 3rd year attending the school for surveyors in Sant'Agata de' Goti. My first questions is about your town. How would you describe it?

    Situated in the Taburno Regional Park, Sant'Agata de' Goti has got an amazing historic centre together with rural territories crossed by the river Isclero.



    What was the landscape characterized by in the XVIII century?

    In the XVIII century this landscape was characterized by constructions connected with the use of water such as fountains, stone washtubs and aqueducts since the territory was destined to agricultural activities.


    What activities were typical of the period?

     The cultivation of fields was typical of the century as it is witnessed by the presence of the Reullo stone washtub whose water flew into the river Isclero, and by one of its most famous aqueducts, the Carmignano, built with the aim of bringing water to the town.




    The XVIII century was also characterized by the presence of the 'Ferriera'.


    What is  the 'Ferriera?

    Today it is a monument but in the past it was used as a factory for the production of weapons and was, later on, transformed into a mill that used the waters of the stream Riello.


    Can you describe the Mills of the XVIII century?

    The mills 'Ferriera' and 'Falco'  are made up of tuff and wood. They have a very simple structure. The canals connecting the mills, constitute a symbolic value since they are the evidence of the traditional building techniques.


    Are there any problems with this territory today?

    Yes, there are. Pollution of rivers first of all and also the presence of a lot of concrete structures ruining the landscape.

    And what about solutions?

    Washtubs, fountains, Mills and the 'Ferriera' are being restored and recovered by the government. Moreover the aim is to create a sustainable economy to promote landscape and tourism.

    Thank you for this interview. I hope to come and visit your town as soon as possible.



    Class III A CAT