A night in the Library : Evaluation Results students





    OSNOVNA ŠOLA SLOVENIA - 18th – 24th April, 2016


    61 students from the participating countries ITALY, NORWAY, the UK, the NETHERLANDS, POLAND, CROATIA, SPAIN and SLOVENIA took part in the evaluation questionnaire.

    Here are the results:

    1. Circle which event or activity you enjoyed the most during your visit at our school.


    1. Library activities on reading strategies  -  8 students
    2. The Culture Day workshops  -  28 students (45,90%)

    (Circle the workshop you participated in):

    Ancient writings     Getting to know each countey's anthems

    Children's games   Culinary workshop    Silhouette portraits

    Music workshop (choir)   Music workshop band  Technikcal workshop

    Matilda's characters through art   Stories come alive in the library

    Dance workshop


    1. The Night in the library activities  -  25 students (41%)
    • The Matilda workshop
    • Dictionary workshop
    • Metaphorical drawings workshop
    • Telephone dictation
    • The Treasure Hunt


    1. What did you like the most about the night in the library? (Circle up to two)
    1. We participated together in groups.  -  38 students (62,29%)
    2. We didn't have to sit still, but we could move, talk and laugh.  -  25 students
    3. We learned to appreciate reading in different and amusing ways.  -  7 students
    4. It was a fun way to get to know each other's reading habits.  -  15 students

    Comment: Quite a few students circled 2 answers, which was allowed.


    1. How did you feel during the night in the library activities?
    1. I felt good because I was having fun and learning at the same time. –

                                                                                               48 students (78,68%)

    1. I didn't feel good because I'm not familiar with this kind of learning. -  /
    2. I felt relaxed and ready to experience something new.  -   12 students
    3. Other: I felt normal -  1 student
    1. Besides having fun what knowledge did you gain with all these activities?
    1. That reading and learning can be fun  -  31 students
    2. That by working together as a team we are also helping those students who have no reading  appreciation  -  30 students
    3. I didn't learn anything.
    4. Other: ______________________________________________________


    1. What type of learning do you prefer?
    1. Group learning  -  42 students
    2. Pair learning  -  3 students
    3. Individual learning  -  16 students

    Why? ...because I prefer learning alone; I can concentrate better...


    1. Do you think these kind of activities would make reading and learning more enjoyable for you in the future?
    1. Yes  -  52 students
    2. No  -  9 students


    1. Have you ever experienced a night in the library before?
    1. Yes  -  16 students
    2. No  -  45 students


    1. Would you recommend ''A night in the library'' activities to a friend?
    1. Yes  -  39 students
    2. No  -  /
    3. Maybe  -  22 students


    1. What did you know about Slovenia before coming here?

    Most of the foreign visitors know nothing about Slovenia apart from the fact that the capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. One students mentioned that he/she knew that it was small. A few students mentioned having heard of Bled and the Postojna Cave.


    1. What have you learned about Slovenia since you've been here?

    Quite a few students mentioned that the people in Slovenia are very friendly and kind. They learned about the culture and quite a few new Slovenian words.


    1. Which place of the ones visited in Slovenia made the best impression on you?

    The sights that left the best impression on the majority of students were Bled and Planica because of its mountains, followed by Ljubljana and the Postojna Cave.



    From the activities that were prepared for the teaching / learning mobility in Slovenia, 45,90% preferred the Culture Day activities closely followed by the Night in the Library at 41%.

    62,29% of all students enjoyed the Night in the Library because they could participate together with other students in groups enabling them to have fun and learn at the same time. 30 of them believe that by working together as a team they are also helping those students who have little or no reading  appreciation and need help in developing reading strategies. Even though 42 students prefer group learning, there are still those who need to be alone when reading and/or learning because they can concentrate better. 52 students believe that similar activities would make reading and learning more enjoyable for everyone concerned, and the vast majority would recommend them to their friends to try.