Minutes from Fjel-Ly

  • Project meeting 24/25 October


    Visjnan: 17 - 23 September 2017.

    • Does kids have to know more about the subject?


    France: meeting will be in UK. No host families, but it will be in an accommodation. Renting that accommodation including stay, breakfast, dinner was 181,25 per student per week.

    • Drama is still the topic: play of Shakespeare - the Tempest. Musical version (rock music) - Escape from the forbidden planet. Small cast, but whole play. All students can take part in choir.
    • 27 - 31 March.


    Newspaper: subject of France newspaper is important for everybody. UK & NL can take the French perspective. January, 30 is deadline. Norway will be March, 1. Everything must be written in the present tense, just like a newspaper.


    Newsletter: send Ian an email about activities in your school - about exchanges, trilateral meetings, multiplier events, so he can put up a newsletter to inform everyone.


    Twinspace: put your documents on a page instead of in a folder.


    Exchanges: idea to change the days from Thursday - Tuesday? Good idea. Ian has check whether it is ok to change the dates.


    Multiplier events

    • You have to invite participants from another schools - 9 participants mean 9 people not 9 institutions.


    Financial costs

    • Ineligible costs: exchange losses (you do not get any compensation).
    • Ineligible costs: deductible VAT (school can claim back the VAT).
    • Exceptional costs: costs for something that does not belong in any other category.



    • Part of the money for management and implementation budget cannot be spend on trips? Yes, it can! You can use that money to pay for extra costs (flight costs more than 275 for example). You can do what you want with the money: trips around the place, photocopies, costs for organising the multiplier event (venue hire, lunch).
    • If you have an IO you have to show who did the work and the actual output.