News from Poland

  • The Polish school, ZSB Mielec is a Group of Building Vocational Schools. That's why we organise events in architecture. The first one was a workshop in drawing "Design your city"

    The second was a contest "A Bridge existing in Poland or in the world"

    During CLIL meeting in Albacete students in Mielec arranged a video conference with students from 4 countries in Spain.

    after the visit in Spain

    First steps in Flipped Classroom in ZSB Mielec- mathematics by Agata Robak


    Bridges of the Future


    We had twice an Open Day of ZSB Mielec and presented the younger students our project.The first one in 2017

    the second in 2018:

    dissemination in the classes

    preparations for the "Drama as pedagogical tool" mobility in UK 2017


    And their performance after that mobility on Multipier Event on 23.03.2018


    after Star School in Croatia Polish students are presenting magnetometers at Multiplier Event

    Multipier Event in Mielec