- Building Bridges the birth of a Nation

  • Bridges to a new world


    Polish christening in year 966 was the start of a real Polish state and nation. This was the biggest event in the Polish history. In the 10th century bridge building was an important occurrence. To build one of the bridges 3 thousand oaks were needed. They played an important part for transport trade trails. Mieszko 1st  wanted to facilitate the life of the local people and he built two bridges, which made it easier for them to get onto the island. Those bridges led to the island Ostrów, located on the Lednicki lake, where the baptism of the Duke Mieszko took place. The Gniezno bridge was probably 187m long and the Poznań bridge 438m. During the Czech invasion of king Bretislaus in 1038 the bridges were burned. The water of the lake fabulously preserved their remains.  As you can see, sometimes even small irrelevant details build the future of the whole nation. Possibly, thanks to these bridges we are a Christian country and we keep these traditions and values.


                                                                                             Kamil Żurek