Croatian Fashion 1780

  • Croatian fashion in the 18th century

    In the 18th century, the aristocracy and the rich citizens of other European countries faithfully followed the fashion that was worn in Paris. The girls often spent their dowry on cloth and accessories. The suits were poorer than the rough fabric, a simple cut, where the lines have not changed almost from the Renaissance. In fashion, the aristocracy and wealthy middle class are increasingly approaching.

    In the 18th century, man's suit consisted of a coat that has a front rows of buttons, which are usually left unbuttoned. The vest was long and trousers wide and comfortable. How vests became shorter and trousers more visible, coats were cut below the knee. During the 18th century, the coat became narrower and lost the heavy folds in the back. The sleeves and pants are becoming narrower and vests shorter.

    Rich men and women of the 18th century wore high white powdered wigs that have come into vogue around 1710, and in the 1720's, the modern wigs become tied in a ponytail. Ordinary people did not wear wigs because they were expensive and impractical for the job.

    At that period, a fair complexion was considered very attractive for both men and women. It was also very fashionable to wear black fake moles in different shapes, including the sun, the moon and the stars. Since personal hygiene was considered unhealthy, thick layers of make up and fake moles helped to conceal skin diseases. People used a lot of perfume to hide unpleasant smells.


    By Marija Piskač