• Monument-Hospital - Child Health Centre. Layout made by dedicated and accomplished project...

    ... sponsored by: engineer. architect Jacek Bolechowski,

     engineer   architect Andrew Bołtuć and  engineer designer Andrzej Zielinski


    One of the first deposits is made by scouts - students of the Music School in Lublin.The money is given to the Chairperson of the Social Committee for Construction of Monument-Hospital - Child Health Centre Minister Janusz Wieczorek.


    One of the first gifts was a laundry machine.


    Warsaw social environment called “Sons of the Regiment“ starts Blood Bank Centre.


    Scouts help in the excavation at the construction site of the for Child Health Centre.


    And finally, in the afternoon on June 3 with the participation of thousands of people from all over Poland, the Chairman of the State Council Professor Henryk Jabłoński shows the documents saying about beginning of work of The Child Health Centre.

    Aleksandra Knap