Royal Patronage


    Royal patronage is a care of influential and rich enthusiasts of literature and art, as well as their financial supporting. The name is coming from the Roman politician Gaius Cilnius Maecenas.







    The last  Polish King Stanisław August Poniatowski



    In the Restoration period the king Stanisław August Poniatowski was a patron of the arts in Poland. He played the major part in the development of the Polish culture because, he took the number of initiatives which supported the art. He took up the important mission. Personal likings also motivated him. The king got outstanding artists to Poland for example Dominik Merlini, Marcello Bacciarelli, Canaletto who create wonderful work.

    Interview with Marcello Bacciarelli

    So I decided to interview one of the best painters Marcello Bacciarelli and ask a few questions.


    Good day Mr Bacciarelli, I am a journalist of the two-week magazine "Monitor". Could you answer my questions?

    Of course. With a great pleasure I will answer these questions.

    You are one of the most outstanding artists who arrived in our homeland. What made you to come to Poland?

    I wanted to find my own patronage who could help me financially so I could show my art in here.

    When did you arrive in Poland?

    I arrived to Warsaw in 1766r. I could not arrive earlier because of some  obligations for Maria Teresa Habsburg  in Austria.

    What are you interested in and what work you made?

    "I am interested in a portrait painting, in which supposedly I am a champion. But I don't think so. People have different opinion about it. My works are: ceilings of rooms in the Warsaw Castle and in the Room of Solomon in the palace in Royal Baths Park, Portrait of Stanisław August  in the coronation dress, gallery of portraits of Polish kings which is in the marble room in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Portrait of the King with the hourglass. This art works but especially portraits are very good.

    You are planning a  trip to Italy. Is it true or only rumour?

    This is the truth. I would like to visit my homeland after a long absence. I will probably be longer there. I am planning to buy some precious art works for the king. By the way I will visit Vienna, the Dresden, Berlin, the Bologna and Rome which put me in the circle of their members. "

    I thank for an interview. I think that you are a model for future painters. I wish you very successes. Goodbye.

    Thank you. Goodbye.


    Kinga Taraszka, 2Ta