Press Report from Chopin's concert




    At 24 February 1818 in the Radziwiłł's palace concert in Warsaw of a young composer Fryderyk Chopin took place. Many listeners came to this event. Maybe his name tells  you not much but this extremely talented boy has possibility a great career  awaiting him. I can tell this after I listened to him playing the piano . It's amazing that at the age of eight Chopin shows so much talent. During the concert I noticed that young man had a huge expression and technical practice. I was impressed and speechless. At some point I looked around the hall and I noticed people staring at Chopin. I think that they were very worried and touched. I saw a woman who was standing straight to the performer and she was wiping a tear running down her cheek. It was something extraordinary. I realized that this artist has a beautiful gift to struggle people by his music. Suddenly all talks calmed down, there was only the piano. Then just someone said that „this child will replace Mozart”. They were very important words for me because I think that Fryderyk Chopin has a huge talent and he will reach a huge success and his ability to influence human emotions will make that no one will  pass by his music indifferently.

    Karolina Chmura