- Coronation

  • Coronation of Barbara Radziwiłłówna



    Barbara stepped forward to the altar. She knelt down, kissed the archbishop’s ring ,

    whereupon she lay her body in the shape of a cross. Meanwhile all gathered began to recite lyrics of a prayer.

    Hundreds of people resounded :” Kyrie elejson, Chryste elejson… “Celebrants solemnly called the most important women names from the Old Testament : Sara, Rebbeca , Judith  and

    Esthera. Thereafter Barbara was compared to sage wives and daughters instead the slave

    married to Alexander the Great . Next, there were  unction and coronation.

    Barbara with the crown on her head, the royal apple and the scepter in hands,  turned to the


    It was 7th of  December 1550

    That day she looked more attractive than ever. There wasn’t any trace of disease on her

    face. She was  young , proud and delicate:  just  a  queen .Everyone could  see her

    expensive crown. Her clothes were decorated with hundreds of pearls, but the most could be

    seen from her eyes and lips. Barbara smiled to the dignitaries who took part in the coronation.

    Many people could say  that this smile showed pride of the great aristocrat. Some believed that,

    Barbara, alike her family, was absorbed by political lust. It’s hard to accept such a  conception

    because Barbara’s face was rather expressing a relief.

    Despite her critical health condition, she survived a lot of processions and celebrations. Several

    witnesses heard Barbara saying  : “ God will give me another crown…”.


    Damian Żuraw