Outdoor Games in Cyprus

  • Outdoor play is one of the things that actually characterises childhood. So taking the learning outdoors is a great way to engage and motivate kids. The fresh air and change of scenery can be just what children need to get excited about playing with and practicing math concepts. We decided to turn outdoor games into outdoor math games. The resounding claim by our students is how much they love the chance to be outside, active and learning all at the same time. It is often forgotten, in the hustle and bustle of meeting all the benchmarks, testing deadlines and chaos of the daily grind in teaching math, that it still has to be fun. Kids respond to learning when engaged, challenged and enjoying their tasks.

    So the students of each class with their teachers design a math outdoor game. And at the last day of the Numeracy week they presended their games to the students of the other classes of the school.

    1st Grade:

    A’1: Game with dice and Game “Eggs, eggs, I am selling eggs”

    A’2: Ordering Numbers Game

    2nd Grade:

    B’1: Game “Math twister”

    B’2: Game “mantili/handkerchief/scarf”

    3rd Grade:

    C’1 & C’2: Game “Multiples of 4” and Game “Math tic-tac-toe”

    C’3: Game “Music notes and fractions”

    Right after, you can find instructions on how to play each game:






        1st Grade: A'1 & A'2

    2nd Grade: B'1 & B'2

    3rd Grade: C'1 & C'2 & C'3